Salatul Istikhara!

It is absolutely incumbent upon every believer to seek guidance from Allah before embarking upon any major decision that can and will affect one’s life forever. Marriage is arguably the number one reason Muslims pray Salatul Istikhara. So as a single Muslim, in preparation for marriage, it is a MUST to seek guidance from Allah before declaring to yourself and the world that you are taking a vow to spend the rest of your life with another human being.

I obtained this khutba, given by Mufti Menk, regarding the significance of Salatul Istikhara and how to properly perform the prayer.  I invite you to take a listen and prepare yourself, assuming that you do not do so already, on how to seek guidance as we dabble in and out of networking with Muslims and engaging in potential courtships, coming inevitably closer to finding our true love. Most people like to say that “knowledge is power”. I like to say.. Knowledge Elevates!
Some key takeaways I captured while listening to this lecture:
  • One must not perform Salatul Istikhara to engage in any activity that is against the decree and Sunnah of Allah.
  • Per Mufti Menk, to seek consultation comes before actually praying the salat. And, one should seek consultation from someone who is knowledge regarding the particular matter that is being prayed about but also, from someone who is vested in you and is genuinely concerned about you and your well being.
  • It is against the Sunnah to ask anyone to pray Salatul Istikhara on your behalf but rather, one should pray it for themselves as the Prophet (sa’lallahu alaihi wa’salam) was never asked by anyone to pray Salatul Istikhara on their behalf. What is permissible or encouraged is to ask people to make dua for you that you are rightly guided by Allah regarding a particular matter.
  • The true essence of the outcome of performing Salatul Istikhara is to better enhance one’s status in terms of their Deen!
To listen to the exact lecture, please click here

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