Q: What exactly do we, at Hitched!, do?
A: Hitched! is a professional matchmaking firm that helps Muslims within the US and Canada get married. Our approach is to network with other Muslims from various cities and states on behalf of our clients so that they may increase their chances of finding their life partner. We operate anonymously meaning, when we network on behalf of a client, we do not expose their name, any contact information or any pictures without prior consent and until we have found a qualified candidate for our clients to potentially be introduced to. We use various mediums to network including face to face interactions, email listservs, Wassup groups and social media. We also produce a weekly newsletter targeted to single Muslims in the community to help spotlight a particular client and to provide beneficial knowledge and information to Muslims in the community. We host a series of events created for single Muslims and our biggest of them all being theMuslim Singles’ CONFERENCE.
Q: How can one sign up for services?
A: Email us at Hitchedsoon@gmail.com and let us know you are interested, we will provide you with the necessary information to move forward in the process.
Q: So what exactly are the next steps to becoming a client?
A: Reach out to the Hitched! team.
2. Complete a questionnaire that we provide and that you must submit back to us fully completed.
3. Schedule a 30 minute interview with a Hitched! team member which will be conducted face to face or over the phone.
4. Make payment for the fee for service.
5. Allow us five to seven business days to follow up with you and provide you a copy of your profile which is a compiled, condensed version of your responses to the questionnaire and additional information collected from the interview.
6. Let us know within 24 – 48 hours of receipt of your profile whether or not you approve or if it needs to be modified etc.
7. Provide us at least two full body, accurate, recent photos of yourself via email. The photos must be no more than three months old and be accurate meaning, if you are not Hijabi, please do not provide photos of you with Hijab and vice versa. For brothers, if you were once bearded but are no longer, please do not submit pictures of yourself with a beard and vice versa!
8. Once you have approved your profile, our search for your potential spouse begins!
9. Our service is valid for one full year from the date you have made payment OR until a client has exhausted up to three introductions, whichever of the two comes first.
Q: Will Hitched! assist a brother who is currently married find a second wife???
A: Fantastic question!! NO! We will not conduct a search for a brother to assist him in finding a second wife. The reason below follows:
1. Because we are constituents of the United States, we must abide by US laws.
2. It is against US law for any man to possess more than one wife at the same time.
3. As a result, to assist a brother in finding a second wife would be aiding a brother to violate US law and thus, aiding a criminal.
*Brother’s may be subject to additional questioning and or a referral check.
Q: What exactly makes us or qualifies us as “Professional” Matchmakers?
A: Collectively, the Hitched! team has over 15 years of matchmaking experience, including five successful marriages that were brought about through a few of our team members prior to the launching of Hitched! The educational background of the Hitched! matchmaking team range from psychology to medicine, law to business, administration and entrepreneurship. We are a dedicated team of individuals who are truly concerned about marital issues that plague our Ummah and would sincerely like to assist Muslims find their true love.
Q: How exactly does the introduction process work?
A: When a Hitched! team member has found a potential match for one of our clients and both information and picture has been shared to both parties, if both parties agreeably decide to be connected, they are introduced via email. Both parties are then left to continue their communication/courtship process however, with occasional “check ins” to their assigned matchmaker to let us know how their communication/courtship process is going. There are a few exceptions to the email introduction rule which applies when both parties who are being introduced are of the same gender. For example, a sister networking on her brother’s behalf and we connect that sister to our female client. And of course, vice versa. In which case a text message introduction is likely and can take place.