The Art of SWAG!

What is SWAG?!  Swag, which is the abbreviated word form of Swagger, is the exuding of confidence, coolness and demure that a person possesses in their style, presence and overall well being.  It is not to be confused or associated with arrogance or a “better than” attitude. Swag is that cool factor that makes any person, man or woman, stand out. Secretly, every woman desires that her potential spouse maintains some form of swag. And conversely, every man wishes that his potential lady is the most elegant, classiest pearl, in his eyes, in the entire Swag!  So how exactly can one attain Swag?
1. Connect with Allah!
Two words. Sound like….Dhikr and Salat! If you do not pray the five daily prayers..change that habit and get all five of them in. If you pray the five daily then, pray them all on time. And if you pray them all on time then, increase in the Sunnan. The Jihad of perfecting the salat is never ending.
2. Spread the Salam! – To initiate the Salam indicates ones nearness to Allah, it is a form of dua that no one can intentionally reject, and to initiate and reciprocate the Salam is a form of invitation for something good that is to follow.
Abdullah ibn Al-Harith reported: “I have not seen anyone smile more often than the Messenger of Allah”, (peace and blessings be upon him). Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 3641
We all know to smile is of the Sunnah, it is a form of charity AND smiling has a way of instantly adding beauty, youthfulness and attraction to a person’s face!
4. Exchange Gifts!

Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Give each other gifts and you will LOVE each other.”  Source: al-Adab al-Mufrad 594   

5. Spruce up the Wardrobe! If you are a casual individual in terms of dress and style, change this up a bit from time to time. So instead of wearing those “go to jeans” to head out to the masjid for salat or a class, put on a nice pair of khakis, a polo shirt and tuck your shirt in! To my sisters, break the solid black routine and add a pop of color to that Hijab! Trust me, you will feel great for doing so.

6. Seek Knowledge!
And not just from a YouTube video! Make the effort to get in your car, drive to a masjid halaqa or organized course and learn something! Anything!..that will be beneficial and bring you ever more closer to Allah. And it doesn’t just have to be Islamic knowledge that you seek. It can be any knowledge that will bring you potential good and benefit in this life for many years to come in sha’Allah.
In closing, I want to highlight a few exceptionally notable figures who, in essence, possessed Swag.
5. Prophet Adam and Hawa
They were the first of mankind created and the first ever to be married!…Swag!
4.  Queen Sheba
Was a leader of her people, embraced Islam upon learning about the Haqq, married Prophet Sulayman…Swag!
3. Prophet Sulayman
He was given the ability to speak to the animals, he led men and Jinn and married Queen Saba (Sheba)!…Swag!
2. Khadijah (radhi’Allahu an-ha)
Was an entrepreneur of her time, married a man 15 years her junior, wife of our beloved Prophet (salla’Allahu alaihi wa salam)…Major SWAG!
1. Our beloved Prophet (salla’Allahu alaihi wa salam), was sent as the final Messenger and a mercy to all mankind. That…is the Ultimate SWAG!
Contemporary honorable mentions:
1. Malcolm X
2. The legendary Muhammad Ali
3. Barack and Michelle Obama
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Salatul Istikhara!

It is absolutely incumbent upon every believer to seek guidance from Allah before embarking upon any major decision that can and will affect one’s life forever. Marriage is arguably the number one reason Muslims pray Salatul Istikhara. So as a single Muslim, in preparation for marriage, it is a MUST to seek guidance from Allah before declaring to yourself and the world that you are taking a vow to spend the rest of your life with another human being.
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Walk Towards Your Lord

Alhamdulillah! No one ever said that being single would be easy. But if there is anything I have learned is that Allah (sub hanahu’wa ta’ala) is always by His servant’s side. I LOVE words of inspiration, encouragement and motivation. So who better else to give words of empowerment other than Allah, the one who created us all, Himself! Happy reading folks! In English and in Arabic!
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We’re Back!

To all of you, our beloved Hitched! stakeholders, I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in this week’s newsletter distribution! The reason for the delay was that I had the wonderful opportunity this past weekend to attend the National Council of Nigerian Muslim Organizations’ Platform Conference. Platform is an annual conference where Nigerian-Muslims and the diaspora from all across the United States migrate to the host city to embark on four days of spiritual, mental, social and physical growth. This year’s conference took place just down the road from us in Dallas, TX. This year’s conference was off the chain! FANTASTIC! From the moment my “Travel Sahaba” and  I arrived into Dallas I could absolutely feel the love! As I darted in and out of Islamic sessions, I found it very easy to network with Nigerian-Muslims I had never met before. Many of whom were quite impressive and had exceptional accomplishments. My personal favorite, my one sister from the New England area with both her Bachelor and Medical Degrees from the prestigious Harvard University!…That’s right folks! I jokingly state that not even Barack or Michelle Obama pulled that one off! Even they only obtained one of their degrees from Harvard! That is one more Harvard degree than I have, but I digress, my experience at this year’s Platform was absolutely brilliant, Alhamdulillah!
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The Power of Istighfar!

This past weekend I had the honor of learning about some of Allah’s most beautiful names and attributes through an AlMaghrib course I attended titled His Majesty – Unlocking the Names of Allah.
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The TOP FIVE Singles Friendly Masajids in Houston!

You know, as a single Muslima, I have been giving it a lot of thought lately of the masajids in our area that are actually “Singles Friendly” and have programs scheduled to help serve single Muslims in their quest to be married. After years of seeking knowledge at various masajids in our community and even in other cities and states, I have narrowed down my own top five list of Single Friendly Masjids. Please take a look below:
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