The TOP FIVE Singles Friendly Masajids in Houston!

You know, as a single Muslima, I have been giving it a lot of thought lately of the masajids in our area that are actually “Singles Friendly” and have programs scheduled to help serve single Muslims in their quest to be married. After years of seeking knowledge at various masajids in our community and even in other cities and states, I have narrowed down my own top five list of Single Friendly Masjids. Please take a look below:

5. Islam in Spanish
Now I must admit, I have not had the opportunity to frequent this community often during the 2017 year. However, in my visits to Islam in Spanish I noticed that the actual musallah area is open and free for both brothers and sisters to worship their Lord. For a single brother or sister, this is important! The reason being, for any serious, practicing, focused, single Muslim who has their eyes open it is important that you are at least able to SEE who is out there! I recall listening to a lecture given by a very well known contemporary scholar who mentioned that THE place for singles to meet their potential spouse would be at the MASJID! If you can’t see ’em, then how will you know ’em! I particularly liked the social gatherings that they hosted, including a family potluck I attended, capped with a piñata for the kids. Even I wanted to pocket some candy that day! I like the social vibe one gets when they walk through the doors and the lounge area makes for a great environment to connect and network. Even if it is with a fellow masjid goer of the same gender, it is always great to make a new friend! Islam in Spanish takes number 5.
4. Ibrahim Islamic Center
Perhaps the smallest of all of the masjids listed in my top five, this masjid manages to still be mighty! Women are overly respected in this congregation and the smaller size and open area of the musallah makes it exceptionally easy to recognize your fellow brothers and sisters in the community. Additionally, this masjid caters to a very diverse, professional congregation and hosts events that encourages dialogue on various topics between masjid attendees. This is important because it allows one to get to know their congregation and further get to know the kind of people in it! Ibrahim Islamic Center takes number 4.
3.  Masjid Mumineen
Often times referred to as the “Nigerian Mosque”, this masjid has a very active social component that incorporates knowledge and networking on a consistent basis. This is one of the only masajids in our community that has a young professionals committee whose primary task is to seek and welcome young working professionals in the community. This committee also hosted a Sunday brunch, followed by an outing at Top Golf which allowed the youth to network with people they had never met before.  I actually had the opportunity to attend the brunch but could not participate with the golfers. This is actually just one of the many events they have hosted both this year and in previous years that bring young, marriage minded, or not so marriage minded, individuals together. Masjid Mumineen takes number 3.
2. MAS Katy
Give it up to MAS Katy you guys..! This masjid hosts countless number of halaqahs, programs and events perfectly suited for a young single audience. Such events as Movie Night under the stars and their regular Family Days are a really good opportunity for people in the community to attend and to see and be seen. They are even hosting a very thought provoking event this week, which I have listed below, that I cannot recall ANY of the masajids in our Greater Houston area have discussed this year.  These types of events are essential because they are more likely to draw inquiring minds and encourage the intellectuals in the community as well as younger audience members to attend. MAS Katy takes number 2.
1. River Oaks Islamic Center
The River Oaks Islamic Center, also known as ROIC, absolutely takes the cake as the NUMBER ONE SINGLES FRIENDLY Masjid in our Houston community! Why? You ask…Because month after month this masjid plays host to some of the most fabulous minds in our Ummah who naturally draw in a big crowd, and creates an environment most conducive to networking and getting to know other Muslims in general. Of those fabulous minds included Dr. Sherman Jackson, Sis Dalia Mogahed, Sis Yasmine Mogahed, Dr. Jonathan Brown, just to name a few, and many more on the way in 2018 in sha’Allah. But what REALLY sets this masjid apart from all of the others is the Muslim Singles Matchmaking events that they host specifically to help singles meet potential spouses to get married. I believe these events have been hosted since 2015 and have more recently begun incorporating functions for a 40 and up crowd. These events’ organizers boast that four couples have gone on to get married as a result of finding each other at the matchmaking event. If ever you are interested in attending one of their events, please feel free to contact the ROIC office or stay tuned to their Facebook page to learn more. The River Oaks Islamic Center takes number ONE!
Do you know a masjid you feel should have made this year’s 2017 Singles Friendly Masajids list but didn’t? Please by all means let me know! My team and I will strategically research your masjid and observe the dailys of your specific congregation to make a judgement. Please feel free to contact us at hitchedsoon@gmail.com

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